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Host a Party

Shop with friends!

Organise a Frock party with Frockme.

Just email and suggest a prefered day and time and I will get back to you with a booking confirmation if the date suits both of us.

What gift does the host get?
Simply host a party and you will receive a 50% discount voucher if sales are over $250. (voucher is valid for clothing only). For sales of $1200 and over you will receive a free dress up to the value of $100.

How many people should i invite?
Aim to have a minimum of 5-10 people.

Where can I host the party?
The party can be hosted at the shop (FROCKME) or at your place.

What day and time should i host a party?
Any night of the week or Saturday or Sunday from around 2.30pm.

How long does a party run?
This depends on you but on average approx 1.5 to 2.5 hours.



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